Updating packages in Jails

Richard L. Houston rhouston at rlhc.net
Mon Feb 8 21:04:07 UTC 2010

Hi everyone, 

First off I am new to FreeBSD. I use Linux professorially and really looking forward to getting some FreeBSD boxes in production as well. My apologies if my questions are noobish and I have tried Googling for some of them but with limited results so I figure I would ask for help from the Alpha dogs of FreeBSD on this list. 

So with hat in had I humbly request help in managing jails. I have set up a FreeBSD 8.0 install and patched it with freebsd-update. I then created a jail based on the instructions from the latest BSDMagazine. It seems to work great. Now my issue come in once I try to update the Jail with Freebsd-update. FYI, I installed the jail from sysinstall using the minimal distribution option. when I run Freebsd-update I was getting: 

Installing updates...chflags: ///libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Operation not permitted 

but after restarting the jail I now get "Cannot identify running kernel" The Apache server running on the jail seems to be working fine as is the ssh server. Any thought on this issue? Is there a preferred way to update the jail env? Remember, noob here, please go easy on me. :) 

Also is there issues with mixing the install of ports from source and via pkg_add? Good / bad to mix or no big deal. This is more of a general knowledge question, not implying I would be mixing the two types :) 

Thanks all and look forward to being a part of the FreeBSD community. 

Best regards, 
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