Follow Up Question On Upgrading And Ports

Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Mon Feb 8 19:24:04 UTC 2010

On 2/8/2010 12:30 PM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 08/02/2010 17:38, Tim Daneliuk wrote:
>> My ordinary practice with production FreeBSD machines is to:
>> - Regularly (weekly), update the sources, rebuild and reinstall world
>>   and kernels.
> This implies you're running one of the -STABLE branches, rather than
> -RELEASE: updates to -RELEASE happen much less frequently than weekly...
>> - Regularly (several times a week), do a 'portupgrade -arR'
>> - Somewhat frequently do a 'pkgdb -F'
>> IOW, I keep the OS, kernels, and ports fairly up-to-date.
> Yep.  It's good to do that, although your methodology would be pretty
> hard to cope with on any more than a few machines.

Yup, 'tis -stable.  And, no, I wouldn't do a farm of machines
this way.  For that, I wrote/use this:

Matthew & Lowell - thanks for taking the time ...
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