Follow Up Question On Upgrading And Ports

Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Mon Feb 8 17:38:50 UTC 2010

My ordinary practice with production FreeBSD machines is to:

- Regularly (weekly), update the sources, rebuild and reinstall world
  and kernels.

- Regularly (several times a week), do a 'portupgrade -arR'

- Somewhat frequently do a 'pkgdb -F'

IOW, I keep the OS, kernels, and ports fairly up-to-date.

However, per the thread on the proper updating method a few days ago,
I just ran 'make delete-old' and 'make delete-old-libs' for the
first time ever.  After a reboot the system started grumbling about
not being able to find   I reinstalled the compat5,6,7 ports
and all is well again.  Running 'make delete-old-libs' seems to no longer
want to get rid of 

This leads to my questions:

1) With all the regular portupgrades I do, why is even
   being used any more?  Isn't this a relic from the FBSD 4.x branch?

2) Why did the initial 'make delete-old-libs' clobber this file,
   but after the compat reinstalls, the same command no longer cares?

3) If I do an in-place upgrade to 8.x (I'll probably wait until 8.1)
   and immediately follow it with a 'portupgrade -arR', will I be
   guaranteed that every port will be migrated to the very latest
   8.x libs?

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