portupgrade, batch mode?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Sun Feb 7 21:38:23 UTC 2010

>>>>> "Frank" == Frank Shute <frank at shute.org.uk> writes:

Frank> All the Perl ports I've installed (e.g p5-*) have just installed for
Frank> me without any curses options menu.

Lucky. :)

Frank> Although I'd describe you as a "Perl power user" and undoubtedly have
Frank> more Perl ports installed than I have.

    red.stonehenge.com:~ +# pkg_info | grep -c 'p5-'
    red.stonehenge.com:~ +# cat MAKE_ALL_PERL_PORTS

    cd /usr/ports || exit 1

    pkg_info -q -o -a >/tmp/$$

    for i in `ls -d */p5* | fgrep -vxf /tmp/$$`
        if pkg_info -q -O $i | grep -q .
        then echo "SKIPPING $i - INSTALLED";
                cd $i &&
                echo "<== $i ==>" &&
                if make missing | grep -v '/p5-'
                then echo "SKIPPING $i - DEPENDENCIES"
                        trap ':' 2
                        make BATCH=yes install clean </dev/null

Yes, I have actually installed all Perl ports that depend only on
other CPAN modules, and not anything else that I didn't already
have installed.

Frank> Are you talking about ports that depend on Perl? Can you give an
Frank> example of a Perl port that asks you questions? Don't mean to be
Frank> obstructive in any way; genuinely curious as AFAICR I haven't come
Frank> across one.

I wish I could remember.  Just that something comes up every once in a while
and I curse that the upgrade has stopped. :)

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