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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at black-earth.co.uk
Sun Feb 7 09:58:30 UTC 2010

On 06/02/2010 23:41, Bill Tillman wrote:

> Yes, my dhcp server which is this same FreeBSD server with the
> wireless NIC is pushing the gateway IP address
> This is my /etc/rc.conf file
> hostname="FreeBSD13.mydomain.com"
> gateway_enable="YES"
> ifconfig_bge0="DHCP"
> inetd_enable="YES"
> nfs_client_enable="YES"
> nfs_server_enable="YES"
> rpcbind_enable="YES"
> sshd_enable="YES"
> wlans_ral0=wlan0
> create_args_wlan0="wlanmode hostap mode 11g"
> ifconfig_wlan0="inet netmask ssid freebsdap channel 11"
> sendmail_enable="NO"
> natd_interface="wlan0"
> The wireless laptop is seeing the FreeBSD server and is connecting 
> and getting an IP address. But I cannot get out to the Internet with
> it. I really appreciate the advice gang. I know this thing is
> probably simple and I just can't find the resolution.

Hmmm... there's no indication there that you are running a DHCP server
on that FreeBSD box. Still, it would be fairly obvious if DHCP wasn't

The problem is that you're running natd on the wrong interface. natd
should run on the upstream interface -- the one with the default route.
The way you've got things configured, it's treating your wlan as the
external world, and NAT'ing the internet.

Hmmm... Seems your wired interface is similarly obtaining an IP from
private addess space, so it in its turn must be being NATed somewhere
upsteam in order to get Internet access. While double-NAT'ing your
WLAN should work (most of the time, at least), it's a bit dodgy and
could result in mysterious failures. You can avoid this, by configuring
proxy servers on your FreeBSD machine -- this is a classic firewall
design, by the way -- but that is quite a lot of work, and you have to
set up proxies for all of the services your WLAN hosts need to access
on the Internet.



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