backup terminal title

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at
Sun Feb 7 07:43:41 UTC 2010

perryh at wrote:
>> I wish to use  the "\033]0;%s\007" sequence in a shell-script to
>> set the title of a terminal. But only if I am able to undo it.
>> My requirement is that this must be done without using anything
>> outside the base system.
> There is an escape sequence which will cause the terminal to echo
> back its current title, but it's a bit tricky to use given only
> base-system tools because the echo ends with, IIRC, \007 rather
> than \n.  It may be possible in some shells to temporarily set the
> line-end character to \007.  You probably also want to (somehow)
> cover problematic cases like terminals that don't reply to the
> inquiry even though TERMCAP implies that they should.

That actually doesn't sound tricky at all, remember that the
original sequence to change the title also ends with \007.
Where can I find this magical sequence?

I've been trying to read:

But the Syntax is really cryptic.

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