Modules and Custom Kernels

James Colannino james at
Sun Feb 7 03:52:54 UTC 2010

Hey everyone.  Please bear with me as I'm very new to FreeBSD.  I've
recently started building a custom kernel after having had to apply a
patch to enable support for my wireless device (Atheros 9285) in
8.0-RELEASE, and had a quick question about the process in general.

According to the documentation, a line with device <driver name> will
cause that driver to be compiled into the kernel.  If one of those lines
is commented out, does that mean that the driver will still be built,
but that it will be installed as a module?  I didn't see anything that
told me that explicitly in the documentation, but that's the feeling I
got from what I read.  I just want to make sure that my assumption is
correct, and if not, how to make sure that something gets built as a
module rather than built directly into the kernel.

In all, the process looks relatively painless as long as I'm careful not
to make too many changes to the GENERIC config.

Hopefully this isn't a dumb question :)  I really like FreeBSD so far,
and think I'm going to enjoy my new experience quite a bit.

Thanks in advance!


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