Wireless Access Point

Bill Tillman btillman99 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 6 19:04:40 UTC 2010

Okay I have finally decided to scrap my old D-Link wireless router in favor of my FreeBSD-8.0 server with a wireless NIC ral0. I have thus far got the NIC to come up and work as an access point. I can connect to this AP with my laptop computer via wireless. I'm running dhcpd on the FreeBSD server so my laptop is also assigned an IP address as well.
My existing setup has a FreeBSD server running as a router/gateway for my entire LAN. This router has two NICs one connected to the cable modem from my ISP and one connected to a switch on Lan.
The existing D-Link router has it's WAN port connected to this same switch and it gets a IP address from another FreeBSD server running dhcpd. This D-Link router is running dhcpd and it assigns IP addresses to all wireless clients. When a wireless client boots up in my house they connect to this D-Link router and all is well.
This setup is working fine as all the workstations on can access the Internet and all wireless clients on can access the Internet.
Now my new FreeBSD-8.0-STABLE server seems to be almost ready to take over for the D-Link router and my old FreeBSD server. I have two NIC's in this server, an ethernet cable one (bge0) and the wireless NIC (ral0) or wlan0. 
I can ping outside addresses from this new server but of course it's using the segment which I knew would work. But even though the wireless clients can connect to the wirless NIC and be assigned an IP address and can ping the IP address of the server, both of them,  I cannot access the Internet from any of the wireless machines. I could use some advice on what to do to correct this. 


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