amd64: Fatal Trap 12 in high load situations

ms80 ms80 at
Sat Feb 6 14:26:31 UTC 2010

Am Saturday 06 February 2010 14:37:16 schrob Michael Powell:
> ms80 wrote:

> There seems to be a general feeling the newer AMD processors don't much
>  care for higher memory voltages. Try lowering your voltages and see if it
>  helps.
> I am successfully using this board with the CPU clock set at 240MHz, which
> with the x14 multiplier results in 3.36GHz operation. The Hypertransport
>  and FSB bus speeds are 2400MHz and the memory is running at 1599MHz at the
>  x6.66 multiplier. When I get the RAM up to 1680MHz is where I can get it
>  to freeze. As long as I don't do that it is totally stable.
> -Mike

My CPU is an AMD Phenom II  X 4 905e. Its (default) settings are:

CPU Clock Ratio 		(Auto) 2500MHz
CPU Northbridge Freq. 	(Auto) 2000MHz
CPU Host Clock Contr. 	(Auto)
HT Link Width 			(Auto)
HT Link Freq. 			(Auto) 2000MHz
Memory Clock 			(x6.66 ) 1333MHz

I set the DDR3 voltage to auto, now it shows about 1.58V. 
Testing will take a little bit. Thank you for the hint.



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