Newbie gmirror questions

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at
Fri Feb 5 21:34:19 UTC 2010

On Sunday 17 January 2010, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> However, one of the really amazingly brilliant things about geom is
> that just about any disk / storage related thing can be a geom
> provider, and geom constructs will nest very happily.  Here's a howto
> for setting up gmirror across a pair of slices:

Thanks for all the advice, my mirrors are now up and running on 2 of the 
4 slices without any problems.

But just one last dumb question. Does gmirror consider one of the 
consumers to act as a "master" for the pair? The reason I ask is that 
earlier today I needed to disconnect a few cables inside the PC to get 
better access to a bit of internal hardware and then realised that 
although I knew which two SATA connectors to use for the mirror drives 
I'd failed to make a note of which order the drives were connected. I 
felt about 75% sure I'd paired them up the same way as before so went 
ahead, everything started up OK and "gmirror status" shows the status 
for both mirrors as "COMPLETE". Now I'm wondering if I was just lucky 
or if it just doesn't matter if the order of mirror consumers is 
interchanged after creation.

Mike Clarke

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