sysinstall and mfs

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Feb 5 03:48:49 UTC 2010

Jerry McAllister writes:
> I don't understand why you are trying to do your own MFS for this.
> You need to be booted to the MFS for it to make any difference and
> that is what the install image (from the CD) normally does.  If you
> just create an MFS and copy sysinstall to it, it will make no
> difference in its ability to modify the labels on the system disks.
> They are already busy and you would have to reboot to unbusy them

	What I actually did was to download the mfsbsd tool set
which lets you create either an iso image you can burn to a CD
or another image that you spray on to the MBR of the hard drive via dd.

	Either way, the system that comes up is not connected in
any way to the hard drive. That is what I thought one had when
booting from the CDROM. The only difference is that one is in
multiuser mode under mfs and single user mode when booting the
CDROM. That difference may be the problem.

	It just occurred to me that one of the messages you see
as sysinstall starts up is that it is probing devices. Since
many of those devices are part of mfs, this may be how
things go wrong. Sysinstall may see a device that essentially
breaks its idea of the hard drive and where it is.

	I have never been so confused about something that
seemed so straight-forward. Thanks for your help.

Martin McCormick

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