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On 04.02.2010 10:39, krad wrote:
> If you combine snapshoting with a redundant array, and maybe a secondary
> pool that you zfs send your files ystems to (perhaps on a different box) its
> questionable whether having stuff on tape has any advantage. If you are
> taking the tapes off site it may be worth it.

On a monthly rotation the tapes are placed in a firetolerant safe. Since
the most critical thing here is the terabyte (and growing!) of original
photographs, I'm not thinking about just day-to-day diskfailure or
pebcaks (proper raid and snapshotting handles that rather well). However
snapshotting and raid solutions handles the house being on fire rather
poorly, or should we say "Data integrity and fires, get along like a
house on fire"? ;)

And I think ... everyone on this list can agree that data not properly
backed up, is a fancy way of saying data not yet lost. ;)

This is why I'm willing to (and have already) cough up for such
solutions as autoloaders for my home storage server, however my last
wrestle with ZFS (on freebsd RELENG_7) left me rather less than
enthusiastic about the backup options.

Someone told me that Amanda should handle this, and I'm looking into it
now (especially reading up on what I'd need to do to handle disaster
recovery), but other options are welcome as well, including the option
of going Solaris (if someone can point me to proper documentation on how
to get Solaris to do what I want).

The box itself is a C2D E7500 with 8GB ram, Asus P5Q Premium (the
"deluxe" version with fewer NICs is on the BigAdmin HCL, basically an
intel P45 chipset with sufficient number of pci-express slots, and four
Marvell Yukon gigabit nics with Marvell Alaska PHY), backed by LSI
SAS-MPT for the autoloader and SAS-MFI for the disks, and will handle
SMB/CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI services (and the backups of that data).
Nothing fancy here, meaning it should hardwarewise be no biggie to get
it up and running in FreeBSD, Solaris (or leave it on Windows Storage
server if that's the best solution, even if that means the
iSCSI-target-service has ... less than stellar performance).

So, I'm basically looking for pointers on what solutions to consider,
not looking for a pre-cooked solution. I have sufficient external
diskspace (still with redundancy) to handle the move-to-new-os-and-fs

Thanks again for taking the time to help me out here. ;)


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