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Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Feb 3 23:02:00 UTC 2010

	Yesterday, I asked how sysinstall mounts the drive on
which FreeBSD is to install. I might not have been clear enough
so I will try again since my question may have been confusing.

	The system is booting via mfs so we are starting out
with a virtual disk drive made of memory. The hard drive is
sitting right there as /dev/ad0. It can be formatted and mounted
and appears to be working properly.

	As a trouble-shooting step, I ran sysinstall from mfs
manually exactly as I have done from a CDROM on that very box.
With the mfs system, sysinstall sees the hard drive and appears
to let you format it. The bsdlabel section appears to let you
assign the partitions. One selects distributions and a ftp site
and then . . . it all goes wrong.

	The commit does not format the disk. There is no "last
chance" prompt. It goes right to the download and proceeds to
install FreeBSD all over mfs.

	The CDROM for installing FreeBSD correctly formats the
drive and installs the OS on that very same box. My first
question is why doesn't the mfs do the same thing?

	My second question  will be on a separate message.

Martin McCormick

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