IPv6: rtsol must be run a second time after boot to pick up default route

Brian Conway bconway at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Feb 3 19:34:55 UTC 2010

I recently set up an HE.net tunnel using the following guides:



FreeBSD 7.2-p5 is used for the router and the host, and it works 
beautifully, except that the host will only pick up the IPv6 prefix on 
boot and set its IP accordingly (local network functions), but will NOT 
set the default route unless I wait up to 10 minutes for the 
advertisement, or manually run rtsol.  The same problem happens with OS X 
10.6.2, but not with Win7 (and Linux 2.6 remains untested at this time). 
The host has no firewall running currently, and there's no firewalling 
between the router and the host.  Running rtsol with debugging 
doesn't show anything out of the ordinary, either during boot or 
after.  Rtadvd is running on the router and my setup is identical to the 
guides other than device name:

$ cat /etc/rtadvd.conf

Any suggestions?  I've tried a few variations of rtadvd.conf without any 
changes in behavior.  I'm inclined to think it's router-related, given the 
issue on multiple OSes, but I suppose it could go either way.  I'd much 
prefer not to add in extra calls of rtsol in /etc/rc.local.  Thanks.

Brian Conway

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