can't make an 'a' slice except with auto-defaults

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Wed Feb 3 12:24:06 UTC 2010

Just a sidenote to avoid misunderstandings:

On Tue, 2 Feb 2010 19:59:15 -0700, Steve Franks <bahamasfranks at> wrote:
> 'C'reate slice goes straight to 'd', even on a 'fresh' disk.

I think you create a partition, not a slice. The slice
editor would 'C'reate 's1'. :-)

> I see in the handbook, this is alluded to, but some intermediate level
> between begginer and expert (bsdlabel just strikes me as way too easy
> to trash the disk I'm running off of while trying to make a backup),
> would be nice...512M just won't fit the kernel+symbols.

According to the handbook,

you should make sure that you've selected a CUSTOM install,
visit the slice editor (if needed) and the partition editor
afterwards. Creating partitions should start with 'a', and
if you want to use the whole disk, 'a' is the default
(because 'a' usually refers to the booting partition).

A case when no 'a' partition can be created does exist when
there is already an 'a' partition on the slice. If that's
the case, make sure it's not the case. :-)

> <fuming, reading man bsdlabel ;) >


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