How far to go with jailing?

Erich Dollansky erichfreebsdlist at
Tue Feb 2 04:19:13 UTC 2010


On 02 February 2010 am 09:57:13 Jeff Mitchell wrote:
>  	Strikes me that setting up jails for bloody-well-every-other 
> service might be 'fun' ..
it is just your work. As there is still only a single kernel running, there is no real difference.

But you must maintain every jail as every jail uses its own world.

I use jails once in a while. They give a good feeling and do not cost much to setup.

But - a big but - you must make sure that the data stays consistant over the jails. Jailing a webserver is not a problem. But putting file-servers for different protocols into different jails might be a problem. Letting different jails run accessing the same data, does not make sense for me.


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