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On 31/01/2010 20:14, Jerry wrote:
> I have been experiencing one or two system crashes a day for over a
> week now. For no apparent reason, when starting Firefox, the system
> will freeze for approximately 10 seconds or so, then reboot. This does
> not happen every-time. It seems to happen maybe every third or forth
> time, although that is not a proven fact. The /var/crash directory is
> starting to fill up with crash files -- bounds, vmcore.x info.x and I
> have no idea what to do with them. Can I just delete them or is there
> somebody who investigates these spontaneous crashes/reboots. This is
> happening on a FreeBSD-7.2 machine.

Well, unless those files are being used to debug the crashes you're
experiencing, then they're pointless.  If you're not going to send-pr
or bring them to the attention of a developer some other way, you might
as well delete them and recover the disk space.

Even if you have raised a ticket, there's little or no reason to keep a
whole string of crashdumps all showing the same problem.

To report this via the PR system, use send-pr(1) and attach the info.x
file: this should have sufficient information in it for a developer to
start to work on the problem, but they may need you to run a debugger on
the kernel image, so keep hold of all the related files while the PR is
still active.  You should get a response to your PR within a few days,
but a fix might take a bit longer.



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