Firefox 3.6 and Java ?

John Levine johnl at
Thu Dec 30 04:00:37 UTC 2010

>> I gather that Firefox 3.6 still doesn't work with Java, since the
>> glue hasn't been updated.  Is anyone likely to be working on this?
>java/openjdk6 WITH_WEB will give you the plugin to use with www/firefox.

I'm trying to build openjdk6 on amd64 8.1-RELEASE, and I'm getting
build errors.  I did make config and turned on the WEB option, then make.

One error went away when I installed libXtst, but there's another near
the end of the build when it's trying to build icedtea and it can't
find nsThreadUtils.h.  That appears to be a firefox36 file, and I see
it's installed, but the includes are messed up or something.

Any suggestions?

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