Upgrading python and it's ensuing issues

Chris Brennan xaero at xaerolimit.net
Wed Dec 29 22:32:12 UTC 2010

So, in the course of actually upgrading all of my ports (via portmaster -a),
which I've been trying to do for weeks and weeks now.

1) 'portmaster -o lang/python26 lang/python25' was successful
2) Python 2.6.6 is installed.
3) 'cd /usr/ports/lang/python && make upgrade-site-packages
-DUSE_PORTMASTER' failes, every time, so I have no idea what has actually
been successfully updated and what hasn't, short of comparing the below

Copy/paste if a split tmux screen, the left is what SHOULD have been
installed, the right is what WAS installed (*I think*)
===>>> The following actions will be taken if you choose to proceed:
        Upgrade py25-dbus-0.83.0_1 to py26-dbus-0.83.2       │===>>> The
following actions were performed:
        Re-install dbus-glib-0.88                            │
Re-installation of libtool-2.2.10
        Re-install dbus-1.4.1                                │
Re-installation of libiconv-1.13.1_1
        Re-install gmake-3.81_4                              │
Re-installation of gettext-
        Re-install gettext-                          │
Re-installation of gmake-3.81_4
        Re-install libiconv-1.13.1_1                         │
Re-installation of pkg-config-0.25_1
        Re-install libtool-2.2.10                            │
Re-installation of expat-2.0.1_1
        Re-install pkg-config-0.25_1                         │
Re-installation of libxml2-2.7.8_1
        Re-install gnome_subr-1.0                            │
Re-installation of libsigsegv-2.9
        Re-install expat-2.0.1_1                             │
Re-installation of m4-1.4.15,1
        Re-install libxml2-2.7.8_1                           │
Re-installation of perl-threaded-5.8.9_4
        Re-install libX11-1.3.3_1,1                          │
Re-installation of p5-Locale-gettext-1.05_3
        Re-install autoconf-2.68                             │
Re-installation of help2man-1.38.2_1
        Re-install autoconf-wrapper-20101119                 │
Re-installation of autoconf-wrapper-20101119
        Re-install m4-1.4.15,1                               │
Re-installation of autoconf-2.68
        Re-install libsigsegv-2.9                            │
Re-installation of automake-wrapper-20101119
        Re-install perl-threaded-5.8.9_4                     │
Re-installation of automake-1.11.1
        Re-install help2man-1.38.2_1                         │
Re-installation of xorg-macros-1.6.0
        Re-install p5-Locale-gettext-1.05_3                  │
Re-installation of xf86bigfontproto-1.2.0
        Re-install automake-1.11.1                           │
Re-installation of bigreqsproto-1.1.0
        Re-install automake-wrapper-20101119                 │
Re-installation of inputproto-2.0
        Re-install xorg-macros-1.6.0                         │
Re-installation of kbproto-1.0.4
        Re-install xf86bigfontproto-1.2.0                    │
Re-installation of xproto-7.0.16
        Re-install bigreqsproto-1.1.0                        │
Re-installation of libXau-1.0.5
        Re-install inputproto-2.0                            │
Re-installation of libXdmcp-1.0.3
        Re-install kbproto-1.0.4                             │
Re-installation of libcheck-0.9.8
        Re-install libXau-1.0.5                              │
Re-installation of libpthread-stubs-0.3_3
        Re-install xproto-7.0.16                             │
Re-installation of pth-2.0.7
        Re-install libXdmcp-1.0.3                            │
Re-installation of python26-2.6.6
        Re-install libxcb-1.7                                │
Re-installation of libgpg-error-1.10
        Re-install libcheck-0.9.8                            │
Re-installation of libgcrypt-1.4.6
        Re-install libpthread-stubs-0.3_3                    │
Re-installation of libxslt-1.1.26_2
        Re-install python26-2.6.6                            │
Re-installation of xcb-proto-1.6
        Re-install pth-2.0.7                                 │
Re-installation of libxcb-1.7
        Re-install libxslt-1.1.26_2                          │
Re-installation of xcmiscproto-1.2.0
        Re-install libgcrypt-1.4.6                           │
Re-installation of xextproto-7.1.1
        Re-install libgpg-error-1.10                         │
Re-installation of xtrans-1.2.5
        Re-install xcb-proto-1.6                             │
Re-installation of libX11-1.3.3_1,1
        Re-install xcmiscproto-1.2.0                         │
Re-installation of gnome_subr-1.0
        Re-install xextproto-7.1.1                           │
Re-installation of dbus-1.4.1
        Re-install xtrans-1.2.5                              │
Re-installation of icu-4.6
        Re-install gio-fam-backend-2.26.1                    │
Re-installation of pcre-8.10
        Re-install gamin-0.1.10_4                            │
Re-installation of glib-2.26.1_1
        Re-install glib-2.26.1_1                             │
Re-installation of gamin-0.1.10_4
        Re-install icu-4.6                                   │
Re-installation of gio-fam-backend-2.26.1
        Re-install pcre-8.10                                 │
Re-installation of dbus-glib-0.88

So short of testing each port and making sure it really is up to date (which
would take much longer then it should). The point is that this loops,
currently it had actually run for almost 2 days non stop rebuilding the
above list when it suddenly died rebuilding devel/py-dbus. But wait! It did
this already, that was the very first thing it started to rebuild when it
started two days ago. I had encountered some annoying issues along the way
prior to the two-day build with various auto-tools (autoconf/automake),
these were resolved by uninstalling the complaining versions and it was
either reinstalled or a newer version was installed.

But my question is this, did I miss something? I'm pretty sure it shouldn't
loop and the build shouldn't last 2 days on a PIII/800Mhz machine.

FreeBSD ziggy.xaerolimit.net 7.3-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE-p3 #8: Sun
Oct 24 01:53:03 EDT 2010 root at ziggy.xaerolimit.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/ZIGGY

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