ZFS RAIDZ Controller Disk Order

Charlie Mason charlie.mas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 12:36:20 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I have an old "server" which has FreeBSD on it. It has a cheap PCI
raid controller in it, with the disks just set to pass through to the
OS. Then the OS had a RAIDZ configured array form the 6 x 250gig disks
passed through from the raid controller.

I decided to upgrade to an array of 4 2TB disks running on new
hardware (using the same server case). The disks were in a separate
chassis to the motherboard, its quite complicated! So I copied the
data off the old array via NFS to a separate 2TB disk. Then built the
new array.

Unfortunately I have realised I forgot to copy my old photos off the
old array. I would really like to recover the old photos although, I
suppose its not the end of the world if they are lost.

As a fail safe I had left the old array disks as they were so, that I
can just plug them back in if anything went wrong. Or so I thought! On
plugging them back in zpool is complaining that they are all corrupt,
except the first 2. It seems fairly unlikely I have got that unlucky.
So I was wondering, does the order they were in the controller matter.
They are all being presented in the same range of addresses da0
through da5 but they are probably connected up to different ports, so
da0 is now da2 and so on.

Can anyone think of a way to get them back in the correct order if it
does matter, other than trial and error. Can I find out what number
each one was in the pool from the disk somehow?



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