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Tue Dec 28 04:56:56 UTC 2010

On Tue, 28 Dec 2010 03:21:35 +0100, "Daniel C. Dowse" <dcdowse at> wrote:
> Hi, that is where i dwnld my oo pkg.
> ->
> and I had no problems whatsoever with dwnld and installing it.

I've also tried them (older version 3.2.0) on 8.0-p2
and there was no problem installing them. But the final
program would not run. I have to mention that I did
use one of the german localized variants, but the one
I needed (without all the KDE, Gnome and CUPS stuff)
was not available at that time. I think the pacakges
you can find through the mentioned FTP link have been
built with the default options of the OpenOffice port,
so there is no guarantee is has (or not has) the
options that YOU need - hopefully a working piece of
software instead of "WARNING **: unable to get gail
version number".

Hope you're lucky.

Can you imagine that in the past, you could so something
as simple as "pkg_add -r de-openoffice" and you had a
fully working office suite including (!) a dictionary?
Good times are over, gotta get your dictionaries manually
today... :-(

So I may say: The way *I* am going to handle OpenOffice
is that I will schedule some idle time to compile it.
This is the only way to get it in the form I need,
including all dependencies. Tailored configuration is
for sissies, just install all the stuff you don't need
along with it. It seems that it's not worth the time
trying to get rid of the unused parts.

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