SD/CF card reader

Rolf Nielsen listreader at
Tue Dec 28 01:16:35 UTC 2010

2010-12-28 01:26, Polytropon skrev:
> Still the method of issuing something like
> 	# true>  /dev/da1

# mount /dev/da1 /mnt

That makes GEOM taste the card, thus creating the device node(s) for the 
partition(s) on the card. And as long as you don't reboot, the device 
node(s) remain even when you remove the card, so you only need to do 
that the first time you access the card after rebooting.
A dirty hack, but it has worked for me since I started using CF cards on 
a regular basis. Though I would also welcome some kind of automatic 
creation of the device node(s).

> looks wrong - even if it works. It looks like: "And now we
> are overwriting the whole memory card with... erm... with
> the truth, but at least we're overwriting it." This just
> gives me a scary impression. There should be something
> more "correct", such as resetting some bus via camcontrol
> or re-reading a structure via usbdevs, but no>  access
> to the whole card.

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