PCI IDE Controller Base Address Register setting

Alexander Best arundel at freebsd.org
Mon Dec 27 08:48:46 UTC 2010

On Mon Dec 27 10, Darmawan Salihun wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm trying to install FreeBSD 8.0 on AMD Geode LX800 (CS5536 "southbridge"). However, it cannot detect the IDE controller (in the CS5536) correctly. It says something similar to this: 
> "IDE controller not present"

i don't think freebsd-questions is the right place for your issue. you might
get some help over at freebsd-hackers or freebsd-current.


> I did lspci in Linux (BackTrack 3) 
> and I saw that the IDE controller Base Address Registers (BARs) 
> are all disabled (only contains zeros), 
> except for one of them (BAR4). 
> BAR4 decodes 16-bytes I/O ports (FFF0h-FFFFh). 
> The decoded ports "seems" to conform to the PCI IDE specification 
> for "native-PCI IDE controller" (relocatable within the 
> 16-bit I/O address space). 
> I did "cat /proc/ioports" and I found that 
> the following I/O port address ranges decoded correctly 
> to the IDE controller in the CS5536 "southbridge":
> 1F0h-1F7h 
> 3F6h 
> 170h-177h
> My question: 
> Does FreeBSD require the IDE controller BARs 
> to be programmed to also decode 
> legacy I/O ports ranges (1F0h-1F7h,3F6h and 170h-177h)? 
> What if those ranges are not programmed into the BARs 
> of the IDE controller? 
> Would the IDE controller be considered 
> not present (disabled)?
> TIA, 
> Darmawan
> PS: I'm working on the BIOS for this particular system 
>     but I have yet to be able to program the BARs to the 
>     aforementioned legacy I/O port ranges. 
>     This system is very peculiar because the PCI subsystem 
>     is virtualized. 


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