SAS HBA card for freebsd?

Leon Meßner l.messner at
Sat Dec 25 18:37:19 UTC 2010

On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 10:32:24PM -0500, Robert Boyer wrote:
> I need a SAS controller that has preferably 8 ports (two four channel) connections per card. I don't mind decent buying a RAID card but really really desire it to be configurable in HBA mode vs. RAID or JBOD with RAID signatures. There are plenty of HBA only cards that would be suitable but I can find none that seem to fit the bill in terms of FreeBSD. I have seen a couple of cheap RAID cards recommended but cannot seem to get a definitive answer of whether they are actually configurable as plain old disks (HBA mode) vs JBOD w/ RAID signature.
> Anybody using a reasonably priced card that fits the bill?

Not yet, but were planning to get the LSI 9200. The driver is prob.
comming in 8.2 if i interpret the TODO list correctly. If you are fine
with SAS version 1 there are lots of good supported RAID-cards that can
work in JBOD mode.


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