rc.d and environment variables

Victor Sudakov vas at mpeks.tomsk.su
Fri Dec 24 03:31:13 UTC 2010

Polytropon wrote:


> Anyway, if svnserve is able to be passed a command string
> to, a setting like
> 	svnserve_flags="... -k /home/svn/svn.keytab ..."

No, this is not a svnserve option, it is a setting used by libsasl2
with which svnserve is linked (or even by libkrb5.so).

> coded in /etc/rc.conf or /etc/rc.conf.local would work,
> and would also be the preferred method for such things.
> In fact, I've not come across the need to have an environmental
> variable to store a configuration setting for an additional
> program, as such kind of variables is mainly for "low level"
> system use, mostly.

This need is indeed rare, but not nonexistent. In fact, if
cyrus-sasl implemented the keytab: configuration option, there would
be no need to set KRB5_KTNAME prior to starting svnserve.

I also remember a need to pass $ORACLE_HOME to apache on start for
some PHP module to work correctly.

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