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On Thu, 23 Dec 2010, itpr0 wrote:

|Hi list,
|We are using postfix with system user authentication, I have to completely
|remove an user for the system so he couldn't auth to send e-mails.
|Some coworkers told to just remove the lines from /etc/passwd and
|/etc/master.passwd... I did that but the user still can authenticate.
|using "pw user show XXX" returns that still have a register from the user
|XXX but trying the "pw user del XXX" it says there is no such user..
|I tried rmuser and here is the return:
|# rmuser XXX
|Matching password entry:
|XXX:*:20887:1014::0:0:XXXXX XXXXX:/home/XXX:/nonexistent
|Is this the entry you wish to remove? y
|Remove user's home directory (/home/XXXX)? y
|Removing user (XXX): home passwdpw: user 'XXX' does not exist: No such file
|or directory
One of simpliest ways to remove user is the `vipw' command. vipw opens 
master.passwd file in vi editor. After removing nesessary string vipw 
rebuild user's database. After that your can just remove user's home 
directory and even say locate.updatedb if you don't want to see removed 
user via `locate' :)

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