Laptop with external monitor, how to make it work

Roland Smith rsmith at
Thu Dec 23 11:08:10 UTC 2010

On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 08:32:12AM +0100, Leslie Jensen wrote:
> I'm looking for a description on how to make the switching between 
> monitors work. In my case it's the key combination Fn + F8 on a Dell 
> Latitude E6500.

Try xrandr(1) instead. That should work even if you're not booting with the
external monitor connected

I've used the following to get my laptop desktop (1366x768) to show up on a
beamer which has a lower resolution (1024x768).

    xrandr --output VGA-0 --same-as LVDS --scale 1.33x1 --verbose

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