Well, I broke it! FreeBSD V8.1 release

Robert Bonomi bonomi at mail.r-bonomi.com
Wed Dec 22 15:54:05 UTC 2010

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> From: "Dave" <dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk>
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> Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 11:01:10 -0000
> Subject: Well, I broke it!   FreeBSD V8.1 release
> Hi...
> I was trying to disable the console screensaver, and found that in 
> sysinstall, there is no way to select "none" as an option.
> So I went and edited /etc/rc.conf to comment out the line:-
> Saver="fire" (or whatever it is)
> I put a ; at the beginning of the line, and now FreeBSD wont come up, 
> showing an error (unexpected ;) and leaving me with a # prompt.

It's rogt. you did wrong;.  Should have been a '#', not a ';'
> How do I get to re-edit rc.conf, to correct the problem, as all command 
> line commands result in a "not found" error.

  # fsck -p || fsck
  # mount -a
  # vi /etc/rc.conf    { or editor of your choice }
  # reboot

> Also.  What's the "Correct" way to disable a console screensaver?

     # vidcontrol -t off

see 'man splash'

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