Port based VLAN

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On 22/12/2010 11:15, Indexer wrote:
> Hi,
> I plan to make a FreeBSD based router sometime soon. I would like to be able to do port based vlanning on the router, so that a client computer that plugs into that socket is "dumb" to the vlans' existance.
> IE
> em0 - untagged
> em1 - vlan 1
> em2 - vlan 2
> Is what i want to achieve (as a simple example). This way i can use unmanaged switches on em2, and all clients behind that are to the router on vlan2
> How does one go about this on freebsd.

In /etc/rc.conf:

ifconfig_em1="up -vlanhwtag" # You may or may not want hwtag -- try both
ifconfig_em2='up -vlanhwtag"

create_args_vlan1="vlan 1"

create_args_vlan2="vlan 2"

The em0 i/f should be configured as usual.  This will create virtual
interfaces vlan1 and vlan2 which you can apply firewall rules to etc.



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