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> Bugger! I was hoping there was more to it than that... I've read that
> already.

Yeah I was left with the same feeling after tagging your thread for
follow-up. The man says that it derives from the HP-UX model so maybe
there are some references to that, and we shoudl start there. I would
like to know what the exact differences are with nice. I was expecting
to find for example, the rtprio value to be in actual time units,
question: is there a correlation to the number and a concrete RT value
say cpu cycles or so? Is there a way to calculate the the minimum
expected timeslice or the maximum time to re-schedule. For example, in
PLC design you usually have to guarantee that you will evaluate a
certain number of ladder instruction in a maximum amount of time, say
1000 ladder instructions in a worst case of 100ms. So the question is
if this is rt scheduling then there must be a correlation with rt
units. I don't have much time but I will try to research this soon....

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