FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE amd64 hangs

krad kraduk at
Fri Dec 17 13:48:38 UTC 2010

On 17 December 2010 13:47, krad <kraduk at> wrote:

> On 16 December 2010 17:42, Matej Šerc <matej.serc at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am experiencing a strange issue that has never occurred to me in all the
>> years of using different versions of FreeBSD.
>> One of our servers, which was running without any issues until yesterday,
>> stopped responding for two times now - yesterday and today. About three
>> days
>> ago another process of pulling out SNMP data from devices was added, but I
>> was looking the system load and the system was working normally and also
>> processes were cmpleting successfully within the timeframe of 5 minutes
>> (much faster, they completed in about 2 minutes). I also want to mention
>> that those SNMP pulling processes were already working about a month or so
>> on the same server (no hardware was changed in the meantime) and I am
>> pretty
>> sure that it should work normally as it did.
>> My main problem is, that there is abcolutely nothing in log files - no
>> errors, no warnings, nothing. No strange messages, every process just
>> stops
>> logging at one time and then continues after the reboot. Another
>> interesting
>> issue is that both hangs occured at approximately the same time, but there
>> was nobody in the server room and also no one was logged into the server
>> at
>> that time except me. About 10 minutes before hang I was investigating
>> processes and everything was very normal - no large CPU eating or memory
>> eating processes. This might be interesting, even after every process
>> stops
>> responding, I was still able to ping the network interfaces and receive
>> replies back.
>> Of course my idea about it is that it must be connected to some hardware
>> problems - my suggestion was to make some memory tests. But I would like
>> to
>> hear some your oppinions about the entire situation. Could some power
>> supply
>> issues be doing it? The server is about a year old and has, as I already
>> mentioned, worked like a charm until now. How come there is no kernel
>> panic
>> since no daemon seems to be working? Why is network interface still up and
>> working?
>> I was unable to go to the co-location facility so I can't say what was on
>> the screen at both times, but I suppose there was nothing else than
>> messages
>> I can read from log files.
>> I know that 7.2 is pretty old version, but it was working until now on the
>> same hardware and we had no reason to change that. Now the system is after
>> reboot again running smoothly and without any issues at all.
>> Thank you very much for any information regarding the issue.
>> BR, Matej
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> I'm not a huge fan of letting snmp spawn heavy weight scripts and processes
> as it is to easy for a remote machine to effectively dos the machine. I
> realise you are fairly sure the scripts arent an issue, but try croning them
> every 5 minutes, and writing the results to a file. SNMP can then simply
> retrieve the results from the file. This safeguard to to a certain extent,
> in that it stops many processes being spawned. All you have to watch after
> that is the job run time
Also lets stops resources being tied up on the monitoring machine, as it
doent have to hang around for x minutes for the results for its query

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