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> Hello all.
> I found this interesting and wanted to share it here.....
> I guess it has to do with a recently thread here....
> Jorge Biquez
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> By Doug Barney
> Editor in Chief, Redmond magazine
> dbarney at
> If WikiLeaks taught us anything, it's that our government (heck, pretty
> much all governments) does a lot of things behind our backs. Some of
> this is necessary and justified, and some seems just stupid and
> sometimes evil.
> Now an ex-consultant for the FBI says a decade ago the bureau modified
> OpenBSD (you can do that since it is open source). It didn't improve
> security or performance. Nah, the feds installed a backdoor so it could
> spy on U.S. attorneys who used the OS.
> The charges, made by Greg Perry, were denounced by an OpenBSD developer
> as poppycock.
> This is a bit different from WikiLeaks as Perry claims his charges were
> meant to be private and to serve as notice to get the OpenBSD code
> fully audited.
> It will, I think, take an audit to get the bottom of this fiasco.
> Do you trust our key pieces of software or suspect manipulation? Send
> your opinions to dbarney at We only publish first names so
> you needn't fear retribution.
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I appreciated your willingness to post information about the subject at
hand, however I don't think the mailing list is the correct place for
'Redmond Magazine' propaganda.

I would also like to point out as of yet, the existence of a backdoor has
yet to be confirmed.

Below are two link you may enjoying reading to update your knowledge of the
matter at hand:



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