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Fri Dec 17 03:58:46 UTC 2010

Hello all.

I found this interesting and wanted to share it here.....
I guess it has to do with a recently thread here....

Jorge Biquez
By Doug Barney
Editor in Chief, Redmond magazine
dbarney at

If WikiLeaks taught us anything, it's that our government (heck, pretty
much all governments) does a lot of things behind our backs. Some of
this is necessary and justified, and some seems just stupid and
sometimes evil.

Now an ex-consultant for the FBI says a decade ago the bureau modified
OpenBSD (you can do that since it is open source). It didn't improve
security or performance. Nah, the feds installed a backdoor so it could
spy on U.S. attorneys who used the OS.

The charges, made by Greg Perry, were denounced by an OpenBSD developer
as poppycock.

This is a bit different from WikiLeaks as Perry claims his charges were
meant to be private and to serve as notice to get the OpenBSD code
fully audited.

It will, I think, take an audit to get the bottom of this fiasco.

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