Spam with fake address from the list?

Ian Smith smithi at
Thu Dec 16 14:15:37 UTC 2010

Re: freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 341, Issue 6, Message: 27
On Thu, 16 Dec 2010 11:44:09 +0000 Bruce Cran <bruce at> wrote:
 > On Thu, 16 Dec 2010 12:40:35 +0100
 > Michelle Konzack <bsd4michelle at> wrote:
 > > does someone get this kind of spam too?
 > Yes, lots of people have been getting that for a few months.
 > parklogic claim there's not anything they can do about it despite it
 > apparently coming from their servers.

If you researched the mob running parklogic, I suspect you'd tend to 
give any claims they may make scant credence, to say the very least.

These forged messages were blocked inbound to the FreeBSD mailservers in 
August, but continue to be sent individually to participants harvested 
from messages posted to this list, and likely will continue to be.

Since this is becoming a FAQ:

To date all of these forged messages contain the following mail headers:

 > Return-Path: <anonymous at>
 > Received: from ( [])

Having your mailserver refuse connections from IP address or 
domain, or envelopes sent by, definitively solves 
this problem.  In sendmail /etc/mail/access syntax, use any or all of:	REJECT

For those without control over their inbound mailserver, try to block or 
filter mail based on those Return-Path: or Received: headers above, or 
on the Message-ID: header which has always contained '':

 > Message-ID: <20101110202251.16589.qmail at>

And don't forget to wash your hands after flushing :)

cheers, Ian

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