Kind of off topic.

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Mon Dec 13 23:35:04 UTC 2010


SSH in some of the servers is acting and working BUT I am assuming 
some servers won't have it... like some windows based machines.... 
The Mac's have it but the idea isto have the graphical interface 
since the errors of the problems they are having are presenting in 
their graphical applications....

Thanks a lot for you time. I will try to find a VNC that can be used 
in possible in all.

Jorge Biquez

At 05:27 p.m. 13/12/2010, you wrote:
>Ssh not possible?  That's one of the most basic "requirements" and 
>most easy to secure - typically....
>XWindows of course, or numerous variants thereof.  I'm not sure but 
>I *think* most of them use the Xwindows protocol on the network.
>VNC may also work now.  There are also several versions of it 
>(TightVNC, RealVNC, et al) There's a native VNC protocol/client as 
>well as Java/http - maybe https...
>There's probably someone that has written and httpd or Apache module 
>that will simply pass I/O between a shell process on the box.  Maybe 
>search the ports tree or of course google.
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>Hello all.
>A friend is asking me to help him to solve some problem he has in his
>servers. To some I would be able to connect using ssh, with other
>just it i snot possible. I remember that on the windows world there
>was a commercial software PCANywhere. He can have it but I am not
>sure if I would be able to connect to that from my Freebsd machine
>(of course not by ssh).
>What are you using for connecting to graphical interfaces of
>different OS's from FreeBSD?
>I tested some years ago a VNC software but did not work fine with MAC
>OSX (recently released by then).
>I know big security factors are involved for sure.
>Any suggestion on what to use, not to expensive or free?
>Thanks in advance
>Jorge Biquez
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