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Phan Quoc Hien phanquochien at
Sat Dec 11 17:48:15 UTC 2010

To set password for single usermode in FreeBSD:
1.Edit /etc/ttys*

vi /etc/ttys

2.Change the following line *:

console        none                            unknown off secure


console        none                            unknown off insecure

*3.Save and quit editor(vi)*

Reboot the box and boot into single user mode, if you wanna test it.
By the way, the keyword "insecure" imply to the console is insecure and thus
required root password to be authenticated before single user mode can be
access. It DOES NOT mean that the console is run insecurely. Take note.

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> Hi. Where can I set up password for single user mode? Thanx.
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