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Gary Kline kline at
Sat Dec 11 06:01:12 UTC 2010

This may apply to other systems that can use a vi clone, not just
the BSD's.  I am looking for an easy way of turning on/off my list of
homonyms that I am trying to set up for my ":abbreviation" list.

So, is there a failsafe way of

	(1) including my ~150 :ab list in vim and turning it on

and then 

	(2) turning the vim list off so that, What I-Type-Is-what-I-See [?]
	    In other words, dis-including my list of abbrevs.

I tried this with ten or fifteen words last summer in nvi, and it
worked very well with my ktts/festival suite. I was able, using my
Thinkpad as a testbed, have the computer talk clearly for me.  A day
or two later  I went into C mode for a day or three.  After a few 
hours of enjoying my hacking, I had to stop, remove the :ab words 
from my ~/.nexrc and continue.

For anyone who hasn't read my ideas about this, I am attempting to
collect the 130+ most commonly used words and create "natural" or
"common sense" abbreviations for each word.  Obv'ly, this would be
unnecessary for people who have no trouble typing accurately and

I have decided to use vim because is it widely used as the next step
in a text editor based on vi, and because it may allow me to simply
include a file in ~/vimrc; I'm not sure how far the improvements go.

thanks, everybody,


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