Runaway ProFTP?

Thomas Wahyudi thomas at
Sat Dec 11 04:00:02 UTC 2010

On 11/12/2010 4:47, Jerry Bell wrote:
> I have been having this happen a few times per week for the past few 
> weeks.  I believe it is caused by someone attacking proftpd.  I 
> noticed today that there is an updated version - 1.3.3c that fixes a 
> vulnerability that they may have been trying to exploit.
> When I looked at the process list, I would see around 20 proftpd's, 
> each with a high amount of CPU used, and connected to a specific IP.  
> I'd firewall off those IPs and kill off proftpd/restart.  Knock on 
> wood, I have not had that happen since upgrading to 1.3.3c, but that 
> may just be because no one has tried again yet.
> Jerry

yeap, thats correct according to proftpd website news, I upgrade using 
latest port but still get attacking, I change to pure-ftpd then 
everything fine

Thanks&  Regards,

Thomas Wahyudi

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