Updating 1 single port.

Michael Powell nightrecon at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 10 21:12:43 UTC 2010

Warren Block wrote:

> On Fri, 10 Dec 2010, Michael Powell wrote:
>> Grant Peel wrote:
>>> I suspect I have an issue with Proftpd and need to update it quickly. At
>>> Christmas break we will be apdating all ports and src, but for now, I
>>> would like to get the latest version of Proftpd up.
>>> What is the best / quickest method of getting 1 single port updated?
>>> (Proftpd 1.3.3c)
>> Since this is in the ports, refresh your ports tree. Then just cd to
>> /usr/ports/ftp/proftpd and do make && make deinstall && make reinstall.
> make clean deinstall install
> is a little safer.  But the problem that many people run into is that
> they haven't updated other installed ports, including infrastructure
> like the autotools ports that were updated today.  So when they try to
> update a single port, things it depends on are missing or outdated.

Excellent point indeed! The autotools "fun" - a perfect case in point. While 
you may be able to get away with a simple update some of the time, that is 
certainly not true all of the time.


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