anybody else have an asus 900a

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Thu Dec 9 02:30:53 UTC 2010

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>>Subject: Anybody else have an ASUS 900A?
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>>Well, no wonder it was so cheap; ASUS is going with their 10"
>>model.... Eventually I will put on FBSD; for the time being, if
>>anyone else onlist has this model, please write off list.
>>Trying to find the best way to put on ktts.


Yeah mine was also pretty cheap, but thats why I bought it! I wiped the Xandros distro off of it immediately and put Ubuntu netbook remix on it at first. Then moved on to Freebsd.  I've had FreeBSD on this machine for almost a year now. Everything works well. The only problem I ran into was disk space as it only has a  4gb ssd. I got around this by using a 8 gb sd card for my /usr partition. From what I've read online there is also an additional usb slot on the actual mother board, so you can use a micro usb key for storage there as well.  Although, I haven't checked so I'm not 100% positive on that. I'm currently running 8.1-RELEASE with fluxbox, linux-opera(flash), and about 400 other packages. Wireless works great, I don't install from ports unless I absolutely have to because it just takes so damn long to compile anything on here. Anyways you're wanting to install ktts on your machine(/usr/ports/accessibility/ktts)? I dont forsee you having any problems using ktts on it. 



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