dhclient doesn't work over wireless

Michael mlmichael70 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 22:30:15 UTC 2010


My FreeBSD laptop is unable to get IP address over DHCP but the same 
network works fine on Windows, Ubuntu and Android so I believe the 
problem lies in my FreeBSD configuration and not on the router/access 
point. Problem occurs only for wireless interface.

FreeBSD 8.1 amd64 with Atheros interface. Wireless networking was 
working fine on that system (the same config files) until I had to 
replace my wireless router.

My rc.conf file:
   ifconfig_wlan0="WPA SYNCDHCP"

I'm using standard dhclient.conf file.

My wpa_supplicant.conf file:

Now after reboot I'm geting wlan0 connection (status associated):
wlan0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
   ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
   inet netmask 0xff000000 broadcast
   media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet DS/11Mbps mode 11g
   status: associated
   ssid wifi channel 9 (2452 MHz 11g) bssid d8:5d:4c:ea:cb:ee
   regdomain 103 indoor ecm authmode WPA2/802.11i privacy ON
   deftxkey UNDEF AES-CCM 2:128-bit txpower 20 bmiss 7 scanvalid 450
   bgscan bgscanintvl 300 bgscanidle 250 roam:rssi 7 roam:rate 5
   protmode CTS wme burst roaming MANUAL

But for some reason it doesn't get the IP address!
And whrn I manually try to: dhclient wlan0
   DHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 7
   DHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 11
   DHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 16
   DHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 21
   DHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 5
   No DHCPOFFERS received.
   No working leases in persistent database - sleeping.

Again, other systems doesn't seem to have any trouble with getting IP 
from this DHCP server and wired interface (em0) works fine too.

Any ideas please?

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