Thomas Mueller mueller6727 at
Wed Dec 8 11:03:22 UTC 2010

--- On Tue, 12/7/10, Kazuhiro Satoyoshi <satoyoshi_421 at> wrote:

>   Hi, I'm kazu from Japan.
> I'd like to install [freebsd 3.5.1-RELEASE] into my PC.
> (I have no idea wether this version(3.5.1) is proper for my
> PC...)
>   I browsed around Internet, but I could't find this
>   How can I do?
> I need your help!
>   I think my PC is like below:
>   sincerely,
>   kazu

I found it, and you're not limited to 3.5.1.

You can also get other architectures besides i386, and if you don't want ISO-images. you can also get it by bits and pieces, which could be useful if you install through the ftp server.

Still, perhaps you don't really need such an old version.

I once downloaded the ISO for 2.2.9 for an old computer , Cx486DX-2S at 66 MHz, 20 MB RAM, hard drive controller apparently went bad, all I have to install onto is a SCSI Iomega Zip 250 on Trantor T130B SCSI card which also runs the internal CD-ROM drive, apparently not supported in FreeBSD >= 3.0.  I failed to access the CD on the first few tries.

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