Installer program for FreeBSD-9.0?

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Wed Dec 8 00:58:08 UTC 2010

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 11:29:09 +0000, "Thomas Mueller" <mueller6727 at> wrote:
> I guess FreeBSD installation from floppies is no longer
> supported because of the difficulty of fitting the kernel?

I think so, too. My "interest" is to be able to boot a
system that does not boot from CD or via LAN. In this
case, starting (!) the installation from floppy can work.

An example from my own practical use: I wanted to install
FreeBSD 4 on a laptop that didn't have network or CD-ROM.
I chose to boot from floppy, and then started the install
process via parallel cable (printer port) from a second
system, already running FreeBSD and "exporting" the install
CD via plip.

> While installation and update via web browser makes sense
> as an option, it must not be the only option. 

Please don't get me wrong: I see lots of potential in
providing a web-based install. The downside, however,
is that interaction WITH this frontend is done through
the browser that is used, and therefore suffers from
the disabilites of the browser. For example, lynx is
a text mode browser that works well even via serial
console - as soon as you KNOW how to interact with
that browser! Keep in mind that the cursor keys often
don't do what the novice user might assume they will
do! So the accessibility of the browser has impact
on how the installation process is performed.

> What if the user starts with a blank hard drive,
> nothing installed?  Then one needs to be able to
> install from CD, DVD or USB drive.

Exactly that is the usual starting point for a FreeBSD
installation. :-)

It's also worth mentioning that FreeBSD is considered
to be an advanced OS because of the fact that it can
turn "old-fashioned" or even "outdated" computers into
usable things (routers, servers, workstations). This
goal can only be met with providing maximum compatibility:
This doesn't only include support for "new" partitioning
methods, but also for "old" booting practices. Artificially
rising a barrier by saying "You need a graphics card, a
mouse and 1 GB RAM to install this" is not an option. As
long as CHOICE is provided - no problem.

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