monitoring hardware temperatures

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Mon Dec 6 23:09:31 UTC 2010

On 06.12.2010 18:02, Andriy Gapon wrote:
> BTW, you could probably write a simple script employing smbmsg(1) to query the
> DIMMs based on logic in the sdtemp driver.
 From OpenBSD's sdtemp man-page, it would seem, the driver uses the iic 
framework (if that's the right word, khmm...)

And on this server I can't get /dev/iic* (nor smb*) to appear despite 
loading everything I could think of (even the viapm):

      3    1 0xffffffff80c23000 d22      iic.ko
      4    4 0xffffffff80c24000 10e7     iicbus.ko
      5    1 0xffffffff80c26000 f16      iicsmb.ko
      6    5 0xffffffff80c27000 819      smbus.ko
      7    1 0xffffffff80c28000 c02      smb.ko
      8    3 0xffffffff80c29000 114f     iicbb.ko
      9    1 0xffffffff80c2b000 1df3     ichsmb.ko
    10    1 0xffffffff80c2d000 1aed     intpm.ko
    11    1 0xffffffff80c2f000 e38      pcf.ko
    12    1 0xffffffff80c30000 b83      lpbb.ko
    13    1 0xffffffff80c31000 368b     ppbus.ko
    14    1 0xffffffff80c35000 262a     viapm.ko

Could it be, that the motherboard simply does not have the iic-circuitry 
and that some other method has to be used? Thanks! Yours,


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