monitoring hardware temperatures

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Mon Dec 6 21:05:14 UTC 2010

On 06.12.2010 14:51, Michael Fuckner wrote:
> did you try to read the data via IPMI?
> kldload ipmi;ipmitool sdr 
Interestingly, I was doing just that, when your e-mail arrived...

ipmitool was impressive enough and I'm building openipmi to take a look 
at that too.

I don't see information on each DIMM (yet?), but other information is 
quite useful...

One of the fans, for example, was listed as "cr" (rather than "ok") -- 
which was, apparently, causing all other fans to run at maximum speed 
(*very* noisy fans in poweredge 2900).

I reset it (by pulling it out and back again), and now the box is 
quieting back down...

The sensors-patches did not add any new entries under hw.sensors 
hierarchy :(

The coretemp(4) stopped functioning, unfortunately... Whereas before, 
when I simply kldload-ed it, it was reporting reasonable temperatures, 
now that I have the sensors-patch merged in, I see nonsense like:

    hw.sensors.cpu0.temp0: -1282,97 degC
    hw.sensors.cpu1.temp0: -1272,97 degC
    hw.sensors.cpu2.temp0: -1282,97 degC
    hw.sensors.cpu3.temp0: -1262,97 degC

Seems like some kind of calibration issue -- the numbers differ from 
each other and change with time... I think, I'll back the patch out as 
it did not give me any new information -- the it- and lm-devices aren't 
found on this box :-(

Anyway, sdtemp(4) -- or equivalent -- is something, I'd like to have...

Thanks! Yours,


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