Can I run a 32-bit jail (or software) on a 64-bit server?

Nerius Landys nlandys at
Mon Dec 6 18:41:35 UTC 2010

>> I've had success running [at least some] 32 bit software on 64 bit
>> FreeBSD without even using a jail.
>> Do you have /usr/lib32 on your system?  This would get installed for
>> example if you rebuild world/kernel following this:
>> and if you don't inhibit the installation of /usr/lib32 by setting
>> some conf file flag somewhere.
>> There are probably other ways to "get" /usr/lib32 on your system, but
>> I usually rebuild world to make it happen.
> Hey man!
> Matter of fact - yeah - I do have /usr/lib32. So that's all I need or do I
> need to activate something in rc.conf or whatever?
> Much obliged!

/usr/lib32 should be all you need [I think].
However you won't be able to correctly compile 32 bit software on your
64 bit system.  For
compiling, you _should_ use a jail, or compile on a 32 bit system.
They're addressing this cross-compiling issue in the latest FreeBSD
sources I think.

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