massive hdd/geli problems after upgrade to 8.1-RELEASE

Michael Schaefer utf128 at
Sat Dec 4 17:38:59 UTC 2010

Hey folks,

some days ago i upgraded my FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE-p4 system to 8.1-RELEASE
using freebsd-update. I'm using a generic kernel so the upgrade process was
just straight forward.

However I encountered massive problems with my hdd which I now found out
are attributed to this upgrade. I'm using a WD15EARS Caviar Green 1.5TB for
data which is formated with ufs inside a geli container. The system itself
runs on a 1GB CF card. Both is attached to a VIA EPIA Mini ITX platform.

After the upgrade every read or write operation on the WD drive results in
very slow performance (100k/s up to 2mb/s with significant lags) and dmesg
is flooded with messages like the following:

bt kernel: GEOM_ELI: g_eli_read_done() failed
ad4p1.eli[READ(offset=304452055040, length=4096)]
bt kernel: g_vfs_done():ad4p1.eli[READ(offset=304452055040,
length=4096)]error = 5

bt kernel: ad4: FAILURE - READ_MUL48 status=51<READY,DSC,ERROR>
error=84<ICRC,ABORTED> LBA=2452694208
bt kernel: GEOM_ELI: g_eli_read_done() failed
ad4p1.eli[READ(offset=1255779401728, length=131072)]
bt kernel: g_vfs_done():ad4p1.eli[READ(offset=1255779401728,
length=131072)]error = 5
bt kernel: ad4: TIMEOUT - READ_MUL48 retrying (1 retry left) LBA=2452698560

A filesystem check on the attached geli container reports thousands of
errors and unreadable sectors. In the end every read or write operation
(such as copying a larger file over the network) results in freezing the
system after several minutes. So does the fsck which I didn't manage to
perform completely. files transferred are mostly broken.
As the messages look like a dying hdd I replaced the cable, checked
connection, etc. Nothing changes. Have been fiddling around for one day now
and was close to file an RMA request. But just to make sure I did a
rollback using freebsd-udpate back to 8.0-RELEASE-p4. Behold now everything
goes smooth again and no errors occur at all. performance stability -
everything back to normal.

Any ideas on this? Since 8.0 is approaching end-of-life I would really like
to upgrade to 8.1..

thx a lot

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