FreeBSD on Virtualbox: No network access

Timm Wimmers timm at
Fri Dec 3 09:41:45 UTC 2010

Am Freitag, den 03.12.2010, 00:33 -0500 schrieb Weihang Wang:
> Hi Martes,
> I have tried the first two interfaces which are said to be supported by FreeBSD, they do not work. Surprisingly, now I choose the option "Intel PRO/1000 T Server" and in NAT mode, it works now!!!!
> Thank you so much, you do me a great favor!! Hope this also works for Chris!

In most cases it is better to use bridge mode. In NAT mode your VM get a
private subnet and other devices in your network can't find your VM,
because the VM is behind (or encapsulated in) your HOST (as like as your
HOST is behind your router to the internet). This can work if you define
routes, but bridging is mostly easier.

In Bridge mode your VM acts like any other machine in your network and
will get an IP-Adress from your DHCP server (if you use DHCP).


[1] HSOT = your Ubuntu Workstation

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