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Chris Brennan xaero at
Fri Dec 3 03:16:26 UTC 2010

> Hi Chris,
> I use FreeBSD version 8.1, the host OS is Ubuntu 10.10. The host OS could
> connect to the Internet correctly. This host uses a private IP address. Yes,
> I allowed the VM software to install the bridge adapter now, when booting
> there are some msgs "no DHCP offers received". Actually I am a little
> confused where the DHCP server is, do I need to install a DHCP server? Also,
> do I need to add that line "ifconfig_le0/pcn0="DHCP" in /etc/rc.conf?
> I am also don't understand how to set the static IP address since when
> setting a static IP address, we should have a router interface address,
> right? But now it's only a virtual machine running on a real machine, how
> can we do that?
> Thank you so much for your help. I am sorry for bring you so much trouble.
> Best,
> W.W.


It's no trouble, below you will see what I have in my /etc/rc.conf for a
static IP. I use this same configuration in FreeBSD7.3 (and old Sony Vaio
PIII), FreeBSD8.1-amd64 (My HP Laptop) and in my FreeBSD9 VM. Obviously the
device name changes depending on the machine, but otherwise the
configuration is the same. If you have a Router that your internet is
connected to, that will usually provide DHCP Services, else you would indeed
need to set one up on the host and tell the bridge to use it.

ifconfig_nfe0="inet  netmask"

A quick search of vBox and Ubuntu revealed this URL:, I suggest giving it
a read and see if you missed something. I do believe there are some extra
steps necessary to set up a bridging device correctly on a Linux Host. I
would also check out the vBox Community wiki as I believe there are some
tips there as well for your Host OS. I am purposly vague about instructing
you in *Linux* for a reason. Each OS does things differently, just as
FreeBSD does things differently then Linux. They all speak a different
langauge. The thing with Linux is that they are speak a different dialect of
the same root language. The problem here, I don't speak Ubuntu's dialect. So
I'll just safely point you to the resources that can help you.

Some Links for you

* - This one will be *endlessly*
useful for you ... I would suggest checking out the whole handbook. vBox is
actually very well documented*

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