8.1-RELEASE hangs on reboot

Don Lewis truckman at FreeBSD.org
Thu Dec 2 04:10:34 UTC 2010

On  1 Dec, Ondřej Majerech wrote:
> Hello,
> my 8.1-R system has just started hanging on reboot. Specifically after
> I svn up'd my source and updated from 8.1-R-p1 to -p2.
> Some kind of hang occurs on every reboot attempt. Usually it hangs at
> the "Rebooting..." message, but sometimes the thing just locks up
> before it even syncs disks. shutdown -p now seems to shutdown the
> system successfully each time.

One of my systems running 8.1-STABLE started reliably(?) hanging at the
"Rebooting..." step whenever try to reboot it.  It's been doing this for
the last month or so.  I haven't seen the earlier hang.  9.0-CURRENT on
the same hardware doesn't experience this problem.

I haven't had time to try to debug this, so I've just been using the
reset switch when it hangs.

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